Hey POPS listeners, Scott Jones here from #POPS Radio Show.

Just a quick note to let you know I’m taking a break from weekly live broadcasts of the show for the summer.  For the past four years, starting in the 2012 election, I’ve worked hard to bring you the very best guests in politics, national media and opinion leadership.  Any digital broadcaster will tell you, that putting together these shows is a labor of love — of country, of our communities and our people.  I have found this to be a good time to step away for a bit, re-charge, re-focus and reflect on the state of our country, its politics and division.

To be honest, it has gotten to me a bit.  One can only spend so much time in the swamp of political negativity and maintain objectivity, perspective, and possibly one’s sanity.  After eight years of bitching about Obama, I was looking forward to things getting better.  Things have not.  They, in many ways, have gotten worse.  I have always strived to put forth reasoned, pragmatic and honest analysis in the hope you could feel a little more informed, gleen some positive take-aways from the effort, etc.  It is clear, in the current political environment, such positivity is virtually impossible, due to the rank dishonestly/corruption of the Mainstream Media, and the legions of politicians who put party and self-preservation ahead of the wants, needs and aspirations of the people they serve.

Washington is more broken today — morally, operationally and financially — than it ever has been in my lifetime.  Reporting on all the negativity has become enervating.  I am an optimist by nature, and always have been.  But lately I find myself becoming more and more angry at what I see happening, with the risk of me becoming something I’m not — a fatalist cynic.  That is just not me — and ill-serves you, my listeners.

So, I’ve concluded I need a break, to regroup as stated above, in order that I can come back with a more positive outlook, optimism and energy to continue the fifth year in the labor of love that is Pissed Off, Politically Speaking.  I hope you will stick around for the next chapter, because YOU are why I do this.  Many thanks to all the great guests we’ve had over the years, and to YOU for your continued support of the show.  And of course, my deepest gratitude to The 405 Media family.  Until the end of summer, my warmest regards, and I look forward to continuing the dialog on the other side.

All the best.

Scott Jones, Host, Pissed Off, Politically Speaking

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