The UK surprised the world when THE PEOPLE voted to exit the burdens of the European Union.  Markets reacted badly, the UK Establishment is licking their woulds as the Exit movement celebrates.  What does this all mean for us?  Does the grassroots sentiment of everyday Brits reflect what’s going on here with the rise of Donald Trump?

National Review Online columnist and panelist from the award-winning McLaughlin Group TV news show, Tom Rogan joins us to discuss it all.  Tom is my go-to guy when comes to international affairs and always offers keen insights.  Tom joined me on my YouTube channel, Decision 2016 DIGEST a few weeks ago covering the issue BEFORE the vote.  You can watch it below.

Tom Rogan on Brexit, the top election and politics headlines and MORE, this Monday at 10 a.m. ET, streaming LIVE at The 405 Radio.  Join us!


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