Fotor111317466 (2)Tensions within GOP ranks continue to grow as the presidential race tightens and Trump’s hold on a path to nomination strengthens.  Friends and GOP comrades are increasingly turning on each other, in person and on social media, as the divide within the GOP continues to widen.  Are Liberals winning with the GOP eating their own in what could be argued is late-stage, Alinsky-esque sate of the body politic.

Social media maven and radio show host Tami Jackson joins POPS in our A-Block to discuss it all.  The discussion continues in our B-Block when journalist and GOP commentator Harriet Baldwin joins us from on the ground, in Florida, before the all-critical Super Tuesday II happens this coming Tuesday, and could spell the end for Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s presidential bid.  Harriet is pissed off — so it’s a fitting convo for the show!

It all happens Monday, 10 a.m. ET, streaming LIVE at The 405 Radio.  Join us!

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