Got a SUPER show coming up this Monday on Pissed Off, Politically Speaking 10 a.m.ET/9 a.m.CT. TWO great guests. In our A-Block, Mediaite’s Joe Concha will join to discuss the latest Clinton Foundation revelation that ABC “Chief POLITICAL Anchor” George Stephanopoulos donated $75K to the foundation — all while attacking Clinton critics on ABC’s air. Joe will break down the ethical lapse and why he thinks George should be suspended, if not fired from ABC News.

In our B-Block, one of my favorite people on Earth, Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of FOX NEWS’ Justice with Judge Jeanine will join me to discuss the potential legal challenges both Hillary and former president Bill Clinton may face based on what we know now about the Foundation’s activities and their conduct while Hillary was Secretary of State.

It is going to be a power-packed show. The media is failing us in being honest brokers of information, and Hillary, who wants to be president, may be mired in a web of alleged unethical, if not illegal, activities related to The Clinton Foundation. We cover it all this Monday, LIVE on The 405 Radio. Hope you will join us then!

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