Rob O'Neill

Rob O’Neill

Hit the link below for stand-alone audio of my interview with a true American hero, Rob O’Neill, former Seal Team Six member and the man who killed Usama bin Laden.  I considered it a personal honor to speak with a young man who not only talks about service to our country, he lived it — and risked it all to keep US SAFE.

Today, in addition to speaking at engagements across the country, Rob has started a foundation to help our country’s elite forces transition to civilian life, find jobs and more.  I want you to know about this great work, donate if you can, and support Rob in his newest mission to help his brothers in arms.  You can donate and learn more at Rob’s web site HERE.

In a world of gadflies, sycophants and hapless blowhards — Rob has put his time and talents where his mouth is — helping others.  I am lucky to have gotten to talk to him.  Take a listen here:  Rob O’Neill on POPS.

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