Host of Pissed Off, Politically Speaking, Scott Jones, today took time to recognize three awesome professionals and extend his thanks for their contributions to the show during 2014.  Designating them “Friends of the Show,”  Jones expressed his deep gratitude for their professionalism, generosity of their time, and insights they provided the show’s listeners through their multiple appearances during the 2014 broadcast year.  They are:

Bret Baier, Chief Political Anchor and Anchor of Special Report, Fox News Channel







Bret appeared five times (including one appearance with Scott on The Gang of 405)  In addition to being part of the show’s 2014 Mid-Term Elections show, Scott dedicated an episode to the launch of Bret’s book, Special Heart, which chronicled the dramatic story of Bret’s son Paul’s battle with congenital heart defects.  In one appearance, we were lucky to get young Paul to join us on-air to talk about it all.  “Bret is one of my personal heroes in the world of journalism,” show host Scott Jones said.  “Both as a professional, and as a human being, they don’t get any better than Bret.  I know our listeners admire him as much as I do.”

Noah Rothman, Deputy Editor,

Noah Rothman

Noah Rothman







Noah has appeared on the show eight times in 2014 alone, and has long been a favorite of the show’s listeners.  Covering the top issues of the day. and the media’s coverage of the same, Noah has consistently brought key insights and analysis of it all.  Noah was the very first “Friend of the Show” for POPS on two networks.  “Noah truly has become someone I consider a friend — he has been with me as a guest since I started the show two years ago,” said host Scott Jones.  “Noah has never hesitated when I’ve needed him for our listeners — I will be forever grateful for that commitment.”

Raffi Williams, Deputy Press Secretary, Republican National Committee

Raffi Williams

Raffi Williams






Raffi has been on POPS four times in 2014 bringing insights, analysis and an always fresh perspective on the political and policy issues we face as a country.  Raffi routinely appears on a number “up and comers” lists, including the Top People to Know Under 30 in Washington DC.  “Raffi is a breath of fresh air to me, when it comes to original thought and insights on DC politics,” said show host Scott Jones.  “Raffi is the redeeming member of the Williams family,” Jones added laughingly. (Raffi is the son of Fox News Channel’s resident liberal analyst, Juan Williams, who has also appeared on POPS)  “All kidding aside, I like Raffi very much — I know our listeners do as well.”

Jones went on to say, “While “Friend of the Show” on POPS is not exactly equivalent to a news Emmy, this is just my small way of recognizing a few folks who’ve gone above and beyond in their contributions to the show.  Again, they have my deepest gratitude, respect and admiration.”

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