SPECIAL HEART FINAL CVRTune in Labor Day Monday, September 1 for a special encore broadcast of POPS’ ‘Special Heart‘ edition.  A great story, a great book by one of America’s great news anchors, Bret Baier, Host of Special Report on Fox News Channel.  Released this past June, ‘Special Heart’ chronicles the medical journey of Bret’s young son Paul, as he battles multiple congenital heart defects since birth.  Inspirational, dramatic, uplifting and informative — all in one compelling book.  If you haven’t read it, we wanted to re-urge that you get it and check it out.  Join us this Monday, along with Bret Baier’s interview, 10 a.m. ET streaming at The 405 Radio.

NOTE:  All the proceeds Bret gets from ‘Special Heart’ go to pediatric heart research.

We will be back on Monday, September 8 after spending the Labor Day weekend at AFP’s Defending the American Dream Summit.  Join us then when we will share highlights and interviews from the summit.

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