Special Heart, A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage and Love SPECIAL HEART FINAL CVR

by Bret Baier, with Jim Mills

It’s every parent’s nightmare. You welcome the birth of your child, and within hours, the initial joy and exhilaration are shattered by the news that your precious newborn is suddenly in a fight for his or her very life. “A Journey of Faith, Hope, Courage and Love” is more than just a subtitle — it’s truly the experience this book delivers as you are led through the medical challenges presented for a baby born with heart disease and multiple congenital heart defects.

Special Heart is not just another epistle from a high-profile Fox News personality — it is deeply personal. It’s a robust serving of real life, fear, trepidation, inspiration, and perseverance by one of the nation’s premier television news professionals, Bret Baier, anchor of the top-rated political news digest Special Report on Fox News Channel.

There’s a great deal to like in Special Heart for both parents and Fox News fans. Baier deftly strikes a unique balance of his career path and rise to prominence at Fox News with the dramatic personal challenges he and his wife, Amy, face in dealing with their young son Paul’s seemingly insurmountable medical obstacles.

Woven throughout this well-written and highly readable book is the significant role the Baier family’s faith played in sustaining them through their darkest hours. This element of the story, which is neither preachy nor overbearing, is both moving and inspirational for those who believe in a higher being.

Through three open heart surgeries and seven angioplasties, the bravery and fortitude of young Paul Baier (now six), and his trust in his parents and his medical providers, shines through. As the book shares with us the gripping experiences of Paul’s medical journey, the reader is treated to insights on the top news stories of those six years as Mr. Baier balances the hectic demands of being a national news anchor against the important needs of his family.

Within this engaging and emotional account are a number of touching vignettes about the passing of some of Mr. Baier’s colleagues, including former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, ABC’s Jim McWethy, and NBC’s Tim Russert. Perhaps most touching of all, is his courting, marriage, and relationship with his wife, Amy Hills Baier, whom you come to know as a smart, loving, and genuinely impressive person in her own right.

The convergence of the rational (Mr. Baier’s career account) with the emotional (Paul’s life-threatening illness and the family who loves him), ultimately makes this book very relatable to a wide reader base. The quality of the writing, the power of the emotions presented, and the historical news issues covered each provide something worthwhile for anyone to take away from the experience. This book is absolutely recommended for those seeking inspiration and comfort in the face of the most trying challenges life can have in store for us.

Through it all, the Baier family found their philanthropic calling: pediatric heart research. World renowned medical teams at Washington D.C.’s leading children’s hospital gave Paul a new lease on life. Mr. Baier is donating 100% of his proceeds from this wonderful book to pediatric heart research so that others, like young Paul, can hopefully obtain the miracles of cutting-edge medicine that have allowed him to become the active, thriving six year-old he is today.


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REVIEWER’S NOTE:  Special thanks to friend and Pittsburgh-based Constitutional Attorney Joshua Smith for his skillful editing.

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