Liberal gadfly, former Newsweek and current Daily Beast columnist Eleanor Clift, in defense of the Obama administration — AND Hillary Clinton — had the gall to say that Ambassador Chris Stevens “wasn’t murdered, he died of smoke inhalation” on this week’s McLaughlin Group broadcast.  Unbelieveable.  She went on to suggest he asked for it because he was known for being lax in his own personal security.  Is this how desperate Democrats are on the Benghazi issue?  I guess she thinks this is just another case of “workplace violence.”  This rank dishonesty and arrogance is one of the key factors driving further investigation into the Benghazi attack.

The looks on the other panelists’ faces are priceless.  Kudos to Susan Ferrechio’s calm response challenging her on this meme.  In any event, I am left to wonder if Clift is really THAT dishonest/deluded, or whether onset senility has taken hold.  YOU watch the segment and make your own conclusion.  It is equally breathtaking and appalling to me.

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