Friend, colleague and POPS guest Bret Baier, Host-Special Report, nails former Obama administration National Security Counsel spokesman Tommy Vietor on all things Benghazi.  A recently released e-mail ties the White House to the bogus meme that the attack on our consulate, that killed four Americans — including the US Ambassador to Libya — was caused by an internet video.

This administration has repeatedly lied to the American people on this issue — especially during the 2012 re-election effort for President Obama.  As new information continues coming to light — “the lie” becomes increasingly clear.

In this interview, Bret Baier advances the story.  Notable in this piece is, the absence of Obama in the WH Situation Room, the rank arrogance and intellectual dishonesty of Vietor, and — referring to Mr. Baier as “dude” on a national news broadcast.  Please watch and tweet out.  TRUTH is apparently finding its way to the open light of day.

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