N. Scott Jones

N. Scott Jones

Maybe it’s my age…maybe I’m bored…maybe I need an intervention?  For some inexplicable reason I — your humble host of Pissed Off, Politically Speaking — am battling a bout of troublemaking.  Most of it good-natured, all in good fun, but some more serious when I see random acts of stupidity or unprofessionalism from some of my peers in the pundit class.

It is safe to say, I have been deleted from the Christmas card list of Dana and Chris Loesch over my criticism of ONE ITEM in Dana’s coverage of the Bundy Ranch conflict.  Not really worth discussing.  The record reflects that I have always been kind to both Dana and Chris.  All seems great unless you point out a flaw or take issue with something either say, then you instantly become a target — they will turn on you.  I want to thank the MANY of you who contacted me and shared your similar experiences with them on Twitter.  I am never intentionally mean to anyone — with the exception of Harry Reid.  But damn!  Anyway, onward.

I DID have fun tattling on The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld (hopefully a guest on POPS soon) for calling Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak “evil” and his wheel “cultish” on The Five yesterday.  This is NOT the first good-natured go-round I have had with these two on Twitter.  It makes for some hilarious banter between them.  But I fully admit I was trying to cause trouble with my tattle-tale tweet yesterday, and it seemed to work!  LOL  Twitchy covered my tattling, and their subsequent Twitter exchange here.

Those of you who know me well, are aware that I am big on self-effacing humor.  I mean, if you can’t laugh at yourself you have no real sense of humor.  Last night I decided to listen to an outstanding colleague, Crystal Heath a/k/a The Friddle, for the first time.  What an excellent show and host.  She often reads listener tweets on-air.  As a lark, I tweeted asking her to talk about my self-appointed role as “The 405 Network Sex Symbol.”  It obviously caught her off-guard and she deemed the tweet “inappropriate.”   Well, no it wasn’t.  It was self-effacing humor — I am the antithesis of a “sex symbol” and believe I have a face MADE for radio.  LOL  In any event, I regret I caught Crystal off-guard and hope she doesn’t hate me forever.  I am a big fan of her show.

Well, this concludes my troublemaking confessional.  Again, I RARELY start trouble wilfully, but I guess it’s been a weird week.  I blame the blood moon.  I am sure this phase will pass — but it’s been kind of interesting.

Thanks to all who have followed me over to The 405 Radio.  I love being here; I have immense respect for the people and think it’s a great home for the show.  Tell your friends about us and tune in this coming Monday, April 21, for our next LIVE show, with great new guests!

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