the405mediadotcom 299 x 250Thanks to all who tuned in for our first show on our new home network, The 405 Radio.  It is my sincere hope that all of our loyal listeners will follow us there and tune in every Monday at the same time, 10 a.m. Eastern.  The 405 is a great network with fresh, insightful talk programming from a conservative POV.

Huge thanks to Raffi Williams, Deputy Press Secretary for the Republican National Committee who weighed in on the latest Obamacare numbers and the latest hearing on Benghazi.  Jonathan Hoenig, purveyor of and anchor panelist on Fox News’ Cashin’ In offered wide-ranging economic insights on Obama admin’s regulations’ impact on business and the economy.

It was an information-packed show and the podcast is up.  As we speak, I am working on a great guest line-up for next week’s show.  If you loved and listened to us on our previous network, I invite to to make the move with us to The 405 Radio — and discover the great content and talk we have to offer here.  You have my deepest thanks and gratitude.

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