Prince Harry Reid

Prince Harry Reid

Petty, liar, mean, hack and yes, despicable.  Harry Reid should GO.  The latest meme from this “Senator” is that the Koch brothers, whose expenditures pale in comparison to unions and special interests who pimp for Dems, are evil.  Sir Harry is all for freedom of speech, participation in the political process and the like, as long as it’s HIS constituency.  Cross that?  This serpent head hisses, spits and bites — embodying the ugliest face of DC politics.

Moreover, he’s a dishonest purveyor of rhetoric on policies and issues that are hurting everyday Americans.  As I said on my radio show this morning — there are a number of “poster children” for term limits, both Democrat and Republican.  But in my view, there is none more worthy, and as bad, than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid -D, Nevada.

Bottom line, Harry Reid should go, retire, leave — go tend to his beloved rose bushes he whined about missing when he had to stay in Washington to do his damn job.  Feel free Prince Harry — because, in my view, your days as Majority “Leader” are numbered.  You can screech like a harlot at a tent revival about the Koch brothers — all it indicates is that you are scared spitless.  Barring an entire implosion of the GOP organization — you, and your party are going to lose — and lose big.  You are doing the only thing you know — losing on the merits — you name-call, demonize and castigate your opponents.

The honeymoon is over Mr. Reid — even the casual American voter isn’t buying what you and your ilk are selling anymore.  Better late than never.  I for one will be thankful, because every time you speak, it makes my skin crawl.  I wish you all the best in your retirement, and feel sorry for the rose bushes forced to see your face every day.  You will NOT be missed in the public discourse going forward, on issues important to, and best for, our country. –SJ

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